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Baxter's Directions for the Depressed: Cast your cares on God (part 1)

The Signs and Causes of Melancholy, with directions suited to the case of those who are afflicted with it. Collected out of the works of Mr. Richard Baxter, for the sake of those, who are wounded in Spirit. By Samuel Clifford, minister of the Gospel London, Bible and Three Crowns, 1716. pp51-66. [Edited and abridged by SML.]

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Chapter 4: Directions to the Melancholy.

When the disease is gone very far, directions to the melancholy persons themselves are vain, because they have not reason and free will to practice them: at that point, it is their friends around them who must have the directions. But because with most of the melancholy people, and at the onset, there is still some power of reason left, I shall give the following directions for use of such ones.

Direction 1: Take notice of worldly sorrows and discontents: don’t put so much value in earthly things to that they can disquiet you: but learn to cast your cares upon God.

1. Do not give way to a habit of peevish impatience. Did you not reckon on sufferings and of bearing the cross when you first gave yourself up to Christ, and now you think it strange when afflictions come on you? Look for them, and make it your daily study to prepare for any trial God may bring upon you, and then it will not surprise and overwhelm you. It is your unpreparedness that makes it seem insufferable.

Especially make it a matter of conscience to keep yourself out of a settled state of discontent in your mind: do you not have much better than you deserve? Do you forget how many years you have enjoyed undeserved mercy? Discontent is a continued resistance to God’s disposing will, and some rebellion against it. It is like an Atheist to think that your sufferings are not by his providence; and dare you complain against God and continue in such complaining? To whom else does it belong to dispose of you and all the world? And when you feel distracting cares for your deliverance, remember that this is not trusting God. Take care of your own duty and obey His commands, but leave it to Him what you shall have. Tormenting care only adds to your afflictions. It is a great mercy of God that he forbids these cares and promises to care for you. Your Savior himself has largely, though gently, reprehended them (Matt 6), and told you how sinful and unprofitable they are, and that your Father knows what you need; and if he deny it you, it is for a just cause; and if it is to correct you, it is also for your benefit, and if you submit to him and accept his gift, he will give you much better than what he takes from you, even Christ and everlasting life.

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